Cloghan Castle

Cloghan Castle

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The Castle is no larger than a good sized country house and was built in 1127 by the O Madden family. Originally comprising only the keep an extension was added by the Moore family shortly after acquisition (1650) and is styled on more classical proportions. Some 3 storeys high the interior was altered by Brian Thompson the previous owner, who also carried changed at roof level the stonework thus ruining the original classical Scottish Renaissance design into a more fortress (Norman period) structure. Additionally a defensive outer perimeter wall was added in front of the house such that the ground floor rooms are deprived of natural light. A section of the first floor drawing room was removed to form a galleried hall which thus destroyed the proportions and room layout. Restoration of these features would restore the Castle in keeping with its historic design and being a scheduled monument such works would need to be approved by the Irish equivalent of English Heritage. Additionally the Castle needs be brought up to modernised so that it can be used as a comfortable home which also possesses some tourist/guest business potential.

The Castle has alternated between 3 main families the O Maddens the O Dalys and Moore and was sold in 2017 for less than £950000, a price which was justified by the site alone but reflected the need for substantial repairs and refurbishment..